FFFTPで接続しましたが「500 AUTH not understood」というエラーが出て接続が成功しません | EX-CLOUDサポート 《格安クラウドVPS ...

Article 2573. 500 'MLSD': command not understood by proxy. If you get one of the following errors: 500 'MLSD': command not understood by proxy 451 Connect: No Port ...

Hi, Could someone be kind enough to explain the above error and how it can be resolved? I have a ftp script in HP UX that puts a file into a windows server

Cannot change file permission via FTP: '500 - command not understood' ... a UNIX/LINUX command is not available on a Windows Host.

4/28/2008 · Hi, When I try to connect with FileZilla to Cerberus FTP with TLS/SSL, I keep getting this responce. Commando: AUTH TLS Answer: 500 Command not understood.

11/22/2006 · ... 500 'SITE CHMOD 777 index.php': command not understood ... command not understood ... actually i hv downloaded Phpbb forums ...

FFFTPにて接続時に「500 '・BOR': command not understood」というエラーが出て繋がらない現象の解決策(?)が分かりましたので ...

i try to make simple ftp client to get list of files on bsd sockets. Here it is: connectTo(int client_socket, struct sockaddr_in* addr, char ...

11/6/2013 · 具体情况是这样,两台hp小机,不在同一个网段,但是中间没有什么安全策略,20和21端口都是开放的。但是有一台小机做的是 ...

Why do I get this “500 Command not understood - shazbot!” error from FireFTP? ... it is not clear to me why the "NOOP" command is not understood by the server.

The server's response is to reject the command (usually, this will be a 500 response code), ... command not understood. ... The SITE command is implementation ...

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12/22/2010 · My host is godaddy ..hosts on Windows server Prob is every thing is alright till STEP 1 where I need to change file permissions to files - cache - store to 777

500 MACB not understood. CAUSE. ... If the remote server does not support MacBinary, then it will respond that the MACB ENABLE command was not understood.

7/29/2003 · ftp question about 500 AUTH not understood. ... 500 AUTH not understood. ... 500 'EPSV': command not understood: cccc: Programming: 0:

9/15/2012 · FTPES issue - 500 auth not understood forums ... Response: 500 AUTH not understood Command: AUTH SSL Response: 500 AUTH not understood Error: …

commandResponse: 500 AUTH not understood statusCode: 500 ... and then establish the SSL/TLS secure channel via a command in the protocol that initiates the ...

The "500 'FEAT': command not understood" error is not a critical error and should not interfere with your transfers. Environment Version: 12.3: Metadata ...

9/4/2009 · Where is the Forum For…? http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-us/e0d8acf0-5ba9-4210-b2d9-05f5a0cdcf48/500-lprt-61600000000300000002193160-command-not ...

500 'EPSV': command not understood. 227 Entering Passive Mode (65,182,111,82,11,165). 200 PORT command successful. 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.