Hi, Could someone be kind enough to explain the above error and how it can be resolved? I have a ftp script in HP UX that puts a file into a windows server

4/28/2008 · Hi, When I try to connect with FileZilla to Cerberus FTP with TLS/SSL, I keep getting this responce. Commando: AUTH TLS Answer: 500 Command not understood.

FFFTPで接続しましたが「500 AUTH not understood」というエラーが出て接続が成功しません | EX-CLOUDサポート 《格安クラウドVPS ...

Cannot change file permission via FTP: '500 - command not understood' ... a UNIX/LINUX command is not available on a Windows Host.

Article 2573. 500 'MLSD': command not understood by proxy. If you get one of the following errors: 500 'MLSD': command not understood by proxy 451 Connect: No Port ...

i try to make simple ftp client to get list of files on bsd sockets. Here it is: connectTo(int client_socket, struct sockaddr_in* addr, char ...

6/6/2013 · Why does '500 Command not understood' appear under my login name on the FileZilla Forum?

12/22/2010 · My host is godaddy ..hosts on Windows server Prob is every thing is alright till STEP 1 where I need to change file permissions to files - cache - store to 777

The server's response is to reject the command (usually, this will be a 500 response code), ... command not understood. ... The SITE command is implementation ...

11/22/2006 · ... 500 'SITE CHMOD 777 index.php': command not understood ... command not understood ... actually i hv downloaded Phpbb forums ...

12/17/2009 · 500 ' ':command not understood 并且做地址映射的小机通过FTP登陆到另一台上很多命令都执行不了,例如ls ...

FFFTPにて接続時に「500 '・BOR': command not understood」というエラーが出て繋がらない現象の解決策(?)が分かりましたので ...

Why do I get this “500 Command not understood - shazbot!” error from FireFTP? ... NOOP 500 Command not understood ...

7/29/2003 · ftp question about 500 AUTH not understood. ... 500 AUTH not understood. ... 500 'EPSV': command not understood: cccc: Programming: 0:

7/3/2008 · 500 Command not understood. How is it possible that AUTH TLS and AUTH SSL are not understood, they are correctly listed in the HELP command.

commandResponse: 500 AUTH not understood statusCode: 500 ... and then establish the SSL/TLS secure channel via a command in the protocol that initiates the ...

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1/20/2012 · This issue is caused by your firewall, with your description, it seems your firewall just equals to a proxy server, and it could not recognize a few standard FTP ...

9/4/2009 · Where is the Forum For…? http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-us/e0d8acf0-5ba9-4210-b2d9-05f5a0cdcf48/500-lprt-61600000000300000002193160-command-not ...

500 'EPSV': command not understood. 227 Entering Passive Mode (65,182,111,82,11,165). 200 PORT command successful. 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.