Normal maintenance schedule Maintenance / Normal maintenance schedule The following maintenance services must be performed to ensure good emission control and performance. Keep receipts for all vehicle emission services to protect your warranty. Where both mileage and time are shown, the frequency of service is determined by …

90,000 Mile Service costs between $238 and $342 on average. Get a free detailed estimate for a repair in your area.

Hyundai Motor America provides electronic recommended maintenance schedules for all 2000 model year and newer vehicles. As the owner of a Hyundai vehicle, please ensure that each recommended maintenance service is performed at the prescribed interval.

90,000 Mile Service Nonspecific Car Forums . The following is the items performed on the Hyundai 90,000 Mile Factory Service schedule.

The 90,000 mile (90K) service is vital to getting the most out of your automotive investment! If you are due for this important service, please contact one of our Service Writers for your convenient appointment today.

The Hyundai Elantra maintenance schedule includes 20 different types of services over the course of 150,000 miles. RepairPal generates both national and local fair price estimates for most service intervals.

2011 Hyundai Santa Fe 90,000 mile scheduled maintenance service at the convenience of your home or office Our certified mechanics come to you · Backed by our 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty · Fair and transparent pricing

Hyundai Elantra MD 2010-{YEAR} Owners manual. Maintenance. Normal maintenance schedule. 90,000 miles (144,000 km) or 72 months

Follow The Recommended Hyundai Maintenance Schedule Hyundai offers drivers like you an easy to follow service schedule to help keep your Hyundai in good shape and on the road. With Hyundai, there are three different plans with recommended services like oil changes, adjusting tire pressure, and safety inspections, for example. If you have ...

90,000 miles (144,000 km) or 72 months Hyundai Sonata / Sonata 2011 Owners Manual / Maintenance / Scheduled maintenance service / 90,000 miles (144,000 km) or 72 months

90,000 miles (144,000 km) or 72 months Hyundai Sonata / Sonata 2011 Owners Manual / Maintenance / Scheduled maintenance service / 90,000 …

2/15/2014 · Hi My Santa Fe is close to the 60000 mile mark and have to do the dealer recommended service Is this absolutely necessary and is the cost high? thanks

7/8/2011 · Just a quick update on the 90,000 km diesel service. I ended up going with Auto Plus who did a "by the book" service for around $200 less than the Hyundai dealer, with all genuine parts. The price on the website was $504 but they ended up charging $379 (I supplied the oil). JH Hyundai quoted me $620.

Is the Dealer Overcharging for 30,000 Mile Service (self.MechanicAdvice) submitted 3 years ago by pumpkinqueen2014 So I know NOTHING about cars. I know that I take my Hyundai Accent to be serviced regularly and that it seems to be doing just fine. However, as I approach 30,000 miles, my dealer is saying it's time to get the 30,000 service …

Front Wheel Drive, 4 Door Sedan, Large Cars 24 (2011) mpg city / 35 (2011) mpg hwy

When maintenance or repairs are needed, we take pride in making sure you enjoy professional service. Find out more about Hyundai Servicing & Maintenance.

Need Help? 2013 Hyundai Elantra GLS 4dr Sedan Man (Ulsan Plant) *Ltd Avail*

Hyundai i30 Diesel Hatchback / Tourer (Mar 2017 - Present) A Genuine Hyundai Service on diesel transmission vehicles is carried out every 30,000km / 2 years due to long-lasting parts that are used in the service. Owners should remember that a Vehicle Health Check (VHC) should be carried out every year or every 15,000km in between …

3 months or 6,000 km Service # 1: 6 months or 12,000 km Service # 2: 9 months or 18,000 km Service # 1 Internal Engine Service Fuel System Service: 12 months or …

7,500-MILE SERVICE3,750-MILE SERVICEHyundai Factory Recommended Service* • Replace engine oil • Install Genuine Hyundai oil filter Here is why we do it: The 3,750-scheduled maintenance interval is designed to get the opti-