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3/10/2014 · Video embedded · The pranksters from Ek Joke Net! are back for round two and this time no one's safe! Under the banner of …

A joke is a display of humour in which words are used within a specific and well-defined narrative structure to make people laugh and is not meant to be taken seriously.

Define joke. joke synonyms, joke pronunciation, joke translation, English dictionary definition of joke. n. 1. Something said or done to evoke laughter or amusement ...

Directed by Stefan Nieuwoudt. With Solomon Cupido, Hannes Brummer, Lelia Etsebeth, Yolandi Malherbe. South Africans get pranked for the second time by the candid ...

What is 2+2? Question: What is the sum of 2 + 2? An accountant will say "What do you want the answer to be?" A mathematician will say "I believe it is 4 ...

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Submit a joke. Jokes subscribe unsubscribe 12,905,611 readers. ... 2. 25.4k. 25.4k. 25.4k. Why is everyone criticising EA? submitted 15 hours ago by triX_NOOBpad.

- Submit a Joke: Two plus two is five "First and above all he was a logician. At least thirty-five years of the half-century or so of his existence had been devoted ...

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An engineer, a physicist, and a lawyer were being interviewed for a position as chief executive officer of a large corporation. The engineer was interviewed first ...

8/21/2008 · Hi everybody, Could someone explain the joke to me: 2 Parrots sit on a perch. One says to the other 'Can you smell fish'? I have to adapt it into...

A businessman was trying to choose a lawyer, but was being very careful about it. He scheduled appointments to interview three lawyers.

The "world's funniest joke" is a term used by Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire in 2002 to summarize one of the results of his research.

2 شهریور: نقل است که شخصی ثروتمند، مبلغی پول را به سمی کشنده آغشته کرد و به یک موسسه خیریه ...

توصيه اول و آخر : مطالعه اين صفحه يک کمي صحنه داره و براي کودکان زير 6 2 سال و بانوان توصيه ...

8/23/2012 · Two unfunny people figure out the best joke ever! Thank you to: Dtrix! http://www.youtube.com/theDominicShow Greg! http://www.youtube.com/slopsmcgee ...

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