The lumbar spine refers to the lower back, where the spine curves inward toward the abdomen. Learn the several distinguishing characteristics of the lumbar spine and the commom causes of lower back pain.

The vertebral column, also known as the backbone or spine, is part of the axial skeleton. The vertebral column is the defining characteristic of a vertebrate, ...

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T7 (7th Thoracic Vertebra) The T7 vertebra is the seventh thoracic vertebra, ... while the nucleus pulposus acts as a shock absorber for the spine.

Lumbar Spinal Discs L1, L2, L3, L4 ... The information on Spine-health.com is not intended as a substitute for medical professional help or advice but is to be ...

Millions of Americans have ongoing back pain.It’s the leading cause of disability in people younger than 45, and many things can cause it. Spine-Related Problems

Spine injuries and spine disorders such as infection, scoliosis, and herniated disk can cause pain and other issues. Read about problems of the spine.

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The T7 vertebra is one of 12 in the thoracic spinal region. Learn more about treatment for disorders affecting this part of the spine.

Anatomy of the Human Spine Overview. The spine is made of 33 individual bones stacked one on top of the other. ... and posterior longitudinal ligament (PLL) (Fig. 7).

Learn about the role of the L6 vertebra, the conditions that may develop at this level and the treatment options available for these debilitating symptoms.

At UPMC our spine neurosurgeons have the expertise to diagnose and treat every type of spinal cord tumor and lesion. My UPMC ... Spinal Tumors and Lesions.

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The L1 vertebra (1st lumbar vertebra) is the smallest and most superior of the lumbar vertebrae. ... As in the other vertebrae of the spine, ...

Scoliosis is a medical condition in ... as these can also be affected in individuals with scoliosis. Full-length standing spine X-rays are the standard method for ...

Spinal cord segments in different species (for reference purposes): Dog: 8 cervical; 13 thoracic; 7 lumbar; 3 sacral; & 5 caudal = 36 total

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The lumbar spine is the area of the spinal column that comprises the low back. The lumbar spine is made of 5 vertebrae.Lumbar vertebrae are referred to by 'L,' prepended to an identifying number.

10 Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis. ... The spine in the human body ... Leg cramping is the most common signs of spinal stenosis and that is due to the fact that your ...