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As per the Income Tax Act, a taxpayer is allowed to claim deduction under Chapter VI-A for the Repayment of Education Loan (Section 80E) and for the Repayment of Home Loan.

Education Loan - Tax Relief U/s 80E : Apart from Tuition Fees, the Loan could cover expenses like Hostel Charges, Library / Laboratory Fees, Travel Expenses and Passage money for studies abroad. The borrower can claim Tax Exemptio

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Know more about Section 80E in India. It is the income tax deduction benefit one can avail on education loans. Deductions under Section 80E.

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Max Tax Deduction on Home Loan allowed is Rs 2 Lakhs under Sec 24 for Interest on Loan and Rs 1.5 Lakhs u/s 80C for ... Income Tax Benefit on Interest on Loan ...

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Section 80E Income Tax Deduction for Interest ... Income Tax Deduction for Interest on Education Loan. ... is allowed as a deduction from the total income u/s 80E.

7/19/2016 · Only interest paid on an educational loan is allowed as deduction u/s. 80E of The Income Tax Act, 1961, out of his/her income chargeable to tax i.e. Deduction will be allowed only when actual interest is paid.

If an individual has taken education loan and is repaying it then he can claim a deduction on the Repayment of interest on the Education loan under section 80E of the Income Tax …

By taking loan of fixed deposit , we will be paying interest for the loan. Any provision is their for claiming interest paid in our total income while calculating income tax.

Income Tax Department > Income and Tax Calculator Income Tax Department > Tax Tools > Income and Tax Calculator ... Interest on loan for higher education (u/s 80E)

Income Tax Deductions FY 2016-17. Income Tax ... You can start repaying your loan and can claim interest repayment amount in a Financial year as tax deduction u/s 80E.

80E. (1) In computing the total income of an ... tax on professional services,4,tds on service tax u/s 194-J,6,tds on taxi hire charges,3,tds on technical ...

U/S 80 (E) of The Income Tax Act 1961 Only interest paid on an educational loan is allowed as deduction u/s. 80E of The Income Tax Act, 1961, out of his/her income chargeable to tax i.e.

When you take an education loan for the higher studies, then the deduction is allowed towards interest on educational loan u/s 80E of the Income Tax Act for the payment of Interest paid towards this loan.

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