A V-Y flap is a modified advancement flap that is used for the repair of small and medium size cutaneous defects. It has the advantage of a …

11/14/2012 · After skin tumor excision on the face, extremities, or trunk, the choice of treatment for a skin defect is highly variable. Many surgeons prefer to use a local flap rather than a skin graft or free flap for small- or moderately-sized circular defects. We have used unilateral or bilateral V-Y ...

6/11/2012 · Gluteal V-Y Advancement perforator flap / Lambeau perforant ... of a V-Y perforator advancement flap for a midline ... Advancement Flap ...

Amputation of the fingertip is a common injury of the upper extremity. Over the years, a variety of reconstructive techniques have been described. For dorsal oblique and transverse amputations, the Atasoy V-Y advancement flap is a popular choice because it preserves finger length, sensation and ...

3/24/2017 · Advancement flaps are used when the patient is in overall good health and the ... et al. Geometric analysis of the V-Y advancement flap and its clinical ...

12/18/2011 · Mucosal step-by-step advancement flap for treatment of perianal fistula. Educational step-by-step video provided by MovieSurg. For more information and other...

Dorsal view of ring finger amputation. V-Y advancement flap drawn out on volar surface of ring finger.

advancement flap sliding flap. ... flap, V-Y, n a flap in which the incision is shaped like a V and after closure like a Y, to lengthen a localized area of tissue.

PURPOSE: The management of high fistula-in-ano presents a difficult surgical challenge. Laying open of high transsphincteric, intersphincteric, and suprasphincteric fistulas is associated with incontinence. Mucosal advancement flap can be technically difficult and is associated with ectropion and ...

16 Waleed Elnahas. et al.: V-Y Advancement Flap for Reconstruction of Defects after Excision of Basal Cell Carcinoma of the Face . patients was ranged from 51 to 69.

pedicle and 3:1 ratio V-Y advancement flap. ... Local Flaps 113 An axial flap can be completely detached from all surrounding tissue as

8/13/2009 · I have a op note that states they did a v-y advancement flap ( on the patients nose) Can some one point me in the right dirrection for the code to use

We have evaluated the versatility of V-Y perforator flap for ... V-Y Advancement Flap for Reconstruction of Defects after Excision of ... flap, the V-Y advancement ...

V-Y Advancement Flap Coverage of Toe-Tip Injuries R. Ravindra Bharathi, MBBS, MS, MCh,1 J. Terrence Jose Jerome, MBBS, DNB(Ortho), MNAMS,2 Nicholas S. Kalson, BSc (Hons),2 and S. Raja Sabapathy, MBBS, MS,

using V-Y buttock advancement flap. There were 13 males. The median age was 46 (range, 25–64) years. Address reprint requests to Mr. Armitage: Department of Surgery,

bilateral V-Y advancement flap, and thus, the choice was made after considering the defect location, skin condition, and scar-ring. RESULTS

Can someone point me in the right direction for a "Bilateral V-Y Flap Reconstruction" for the breast.? ... V-Y plasty, rotational flap, ... or advancement flap. ...

9: Advancement Flaps. Chapter 9. ... The V-Y advancement flap is unique in that the V-shaped flap is not stretched or pulled toward the recipient site but rather ...

A double V-Y advancement flap based upon a vertical subcutaneous pedicle was assessed for reconstruction of moderate sized defects of the anterior lower leg.

Perforator based V-Y advancement flaps in the leg 433 Figure 2 (A) lntraoperative view showing flap raised on t~o perforators. (B) lntraoperative view showing flap …